Five Of The Best Recipes For Cheese Curds

Expert Author Jet M Perreault
Deliciously squeaky and a favorite in several regions of the United States as well as Canada, these robust dairy bites are a delicacy for everyone. While they can make a great snack when eaten raw by themselves that is not the only option. There are also plenty of delicious recipes that let you use them in to complement your favorite foods. Here are the five best recipes for your consideration.
If you have ever been to a fair in Wisconsin, you most definitely these treats there. They are a classic and incredibly delicious. To make them; sift together a cup of flour, 1 ½ teaspoons of baking powder and half a teaspoon of salt. Then add in half a cup of milk and two beaten eggs. Once the batter is smooth, then coat a pound of cheese curds in the mixture. Now fill a large skillet with oil and turn it up to medium heat. Fry your bundles until they are golden brown which should be about a minute each. Drain and enjoy!
Poutine is a Canadian classic that uses these dairy treats. It is basically fries with gravy and curds on top. To make it, cook some fries in oil (either in a skillet or deep fryer) and warm up some gravy. Cook the fries until they are light brown and then let them drain. Once the fries are nice and warm, put them on a plate then add your cheese and gravy (preferably beef gravy) and get ready to enjoy your dish.
Grilled Cheese With Bacon
Normally you would make grilled cheese with American, but these niblets can make a great variation. For this take, try using a slice of sharp cheddar cheese on your sandwich with about a quarter cup of cheese curds. While you are getting this ready, cook your bacon until it is crispy. Put your cheese and bacon on the bread and then cook until they are ready. If you want extra flavor, try adding a sauce made from mayonnaise, beef bouillon, Sriracha, salt, pepper, onion and cider vinegar.
Toppings For Panzanella
To make this delicious dish, mix two chopped tomatoes, two tablespoons of red wine vinegar, a clove of garlic, twelve chopped basil leaves, and a half a teaspoon of salt and four tablespoons of olive oil. Take one inch slices of a hearty bread (such as ciabatta) and cook them on a grill pan until they begin to crisp. Let them cool off the grill, replacing them with four ounces of cheese curds. Cook these until they are crisp on the underside but not melted all the way. Chop your bread into cubes and combine it with tomato mixture, adding your curds on top.
Everyone loves quesadillas and they are easy to make. Just replace whatever cheese you normally use with a cup of cheddar cheese curds (for four tortillas) and add whatever additional ingredients you want. Mushrooms or squash go especially well inside of these tortillas. Serve them with salsa and sour cream and enjoy.
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